venerdì 21 ottobre 2016

'After the Rain' Kathy Barrick

'After the rain' Kathy Barrick, 40 ct Newcastle cream linen. This was the first time I used the silk thread indicated (Needlepoint Silk) the result is stunning super soft!

giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

'Ann Powell' Pineberry Lane

'Ann Powell' Pineberry Lane, 40 ct aged linen, threads indicated.

venerdì 1 luglio 2016

'Liberty House Hanging Pouch' Homespun Elegance

'Liberty House Hanging Pouch' Homespun Elegance, 40 ct aged linen.

venerdì 3 giugno 2016

Last finishing

 My 'Holly' Notforgotten Farm, stitched on 40 ct linen.

'Our Story'  With Thy Needle and Thread stitched on 40 ct Old Massachusset linen.

mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015

'Love Letters' Stacy Nash

 Friendship is a gift...I wish my daughter to be lucky enough to find it...
I stitched this for her and her BFF (best friend forever)

Emma and Gioia

'Love Letters Friends Forever' and 'Monogrammed Pinkeep' Stacy Nash Primitives. 40 ct Natural Permin of Copenhagen linen, Dmc threads indicated.

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2015

'Halloween Ditty Bag' Sub Rosa

Scary Halloween!!!!!

'Halloween Ditty Bag' Sub Rosa, 40 ct Permin of Copenhagen Natural linen, thread Dmc 310.

martedì 1 settembre 2015

'Beekeper' Notforgotten Farm

A stitch for the end of the summer...
'Beekeeper' Notforgotten Farm, 40ct Massachusset aged linen, Dmc threads indicated.

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

'Tavern Signs Too' Carriage House Samplings, 40 ct Massachusset aged linen by Primitive Hare.

domenica 2 agosto 2015

'Strawberry House' The Scarlett House

Sweet House.

'Strawberry House' The Scarlett House, 40 ct Permin of Copenhagen natural linen, threads indicated.

domenica 26 luglio 2015

'Elizabeth Pickford 1842' Pineberry Lane

Great Sampler finished with hemstitch.
'Elizabeth Pickford 1842' Pineberry Lane, Newcastle 40 ct cream linen, Dmc threads indicated.